About Hays Companies Specialty Programs

Hays Specialty Programs is a full-service broker, consultant, administrator and marketer. Our dynamic structure allows us to provide the client-driven level of service usually associated with non-global companies. Hays Specialty Programs has a group of dedicated industry professionals that focus on franchise and association based business. Our staff services franchise and association clients, both large and small, ranging across many industries, exposures, states and countries. We understand program business and that we need to earn your business every day.
The Hays Specialty Programs team of professionals has a wealth of experience in this very specific field of insurance. Our state of the art technology allows us to provide a high level of service to your membership, including accurate and timely statistical reports. Our sophisticated data tracking system gives us a thorough understanding of your programs at any point in time, giving us the tools necessary to manage and grow your business. Our value added services truly distinguish our programs from the competition.
We strive for continuous improvement and are masters in the details that drive outcomes. We work with each group to understand their organization. Each group is unique and not a “one size fits all”. In order to successfully retain and attract new members, Hays can provide a superior product, at a competitive price and add value to your members.

About Hays Companies

Founded in 1994 by James C. Hays and five senior-level individuals from major insurance brokerage firms, our company is a privately held corporation with no outside ownership. This structure allows us to go beyond the ordinary and remain focused on your needs and your needs alone. Infused with entrepreneurial spirit, Hays’ team members partner with you to make decisions that add value to your insurance and risk management programs. The result is superior service at a reasonable cost from talented people you can trust.

Our mission and philosophy of delivering high-quality, customer focused service has led to significant growth and recognition in the marketplace. Today, the company employs more than 600 experienced professionals in over 20 locations throughout the United States. Business Insurance magazine has consistently ranked Hays Companies among the 20 largest brokers in the United States.

For more information go to www.hayscompanies.com