One Professional Policy That Covers Your Two Professions

As a dually licensed professional, you are well aware of the possibility of being sued as a result of decisions and recommendations made in your day-to-day professional services. The cost of a defense could be quite devastating to a private practice. Even if the suit is frivolous in nature, the related time and legal cost could be quite sizeable – you deserve peace of mind.

The Professional Liability Insurance Plan for AAA-CPA members protects you against claims alleging errors, omissions and/or negligence arising from your professional services.

Program Highlights

  • Exclusively Endorsed by the AAA-CPA
  • Underwritten by a Financially Strong A-rated Insurer
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Broad Range of Limits of Liability


Extensive Research was done to craft a policy that addresses the unique needs of the dually licensed professional while specifically providing coverage for professional services rendered as an Attorney and/or CPA.

Unlike other professional liability plans, the AAA-CPA dual professional liability policy offers advantages including:

  • Comprehensive Definition of Legal & Accounting Professional Services

Coverage is available for activities including Executor, Administrator, Custodian, Trustee and Fiduciary, as long as the activities are part of your professional services. In addition, tax advice and estate trust services are included in coverage.

  • Elimination of Potential Grey Areas

This policy structure eliminates a scenario where two different insurance carriers (Lawyer Carrier & Accountant Carrier) may attempt to deny coverage on the basis that the area of practice involving the claim relates to the other carrier’s policy.

  • Efficient and Cost Effective Application Process

By dealing with one insurance carrier you only need to complete one application. Therefore, a quote can be completed in 3 to 5 business days.

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